Derek Bauer is considered one of South Africa’s greatest political cartoonist of all time.  Almost two decades since his final works, his art is finally being brought back to life by the collaborative efforts of Derek Bauer Estate Editions (“DBEE”), the University of Cape Town (“UCT”), various art curators and artists. The Derek Bauer Estate Editions commissioned the restoration and cataloguing of his work in September 2013 and on May 8th 2014, a limited range of his artwork was launched and exhibited at Heritage Square in Cape Town. A selection of his works have been included on this site and can be viewed alongside comments from Beverley Angus, UCT cartoon curator and Anton Harber, Head of Journalism at Witwatersrand University and then editor of The Weekly Mail where Bauer was employed as cartoonist. The significance of his contribution to cartooning, freedom of speech, graphic journalism and the politics at the time remains unfathomable. It is only right that the world be given another opportunity to truly appreciate and absorb this incredible mind. 


"An artist only has a responsibility to his subject and to himself. Fuck the constituencies, fuck the political parties, fuck the political persuasions, fuck the mood of the day. You only have responsibility to your artwork, to your subject, to yourself. If it is anything else, it then stops being art." - Derek Bauer 1991.